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Ακατέργαστοι Ανθοί Κάνναβης KannaBio – 30γρ.

Ακατέργαστοι Ανθοί Κάνναβης KannaBio – 30γρ.


Description: KANNABIO Whole Hemp Buds is a 100% natural, organic product of Greek farms. From selected buds of Cannabis sativa L., Fedora 75 (2022 harvest, Kokkina, Magnesia). Naturally dried, collected and packaged by hand.

CBD Rich, THC<0.2%

Use: In infusions, vaporizing or cooking. CBD absorption, when Ingested, is accelerated in the presence of fats. CBD is also absorbed sublingually (held under the tongue) and most effectively through vaporization (thanks to the large surface area of the alveoli in the lungs).