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Αλοιφή κάνναβης με CBD, Τσαγιόδεντρο & Δεντρολίβανο – 50ml

Αλοιφή κάνναβης με CBD, Τσαγιόδεντρο & Δεντρολίβανο – 50ml


• Packaging: 50ml • Cannabinoid complex+ Ointment with tea tree, rosemary and cannabidiol (CBD) for skin treatment. Tea tree and rosemary essential oils have strong antiseptic properties. The ointment is suitable for the treatment of skin infections, acne, bacterial infections, inflammation or insect bites.

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Cannabidiol Tea Tree Rosemary Balm Cannabios has added tea tree and rosemary oils to the cannabidiol-rich organic hemp balm that boost antiseptic functions. The cream is suitable for the treatment of skin and bacterial infections, acne, inflammation or insect bites. Eco-friendly products with industrial hemp Cannabidiol balm contains only natural ingredients with no added artificial colors, preservatives, fragrances or harmful chemicals. Cannabios cosmetics are produced in environmentally friendly ways in the mountains of the Czech Republic in Europe. Products are not tested on animals. Unique combination to treat skin infection. Tea tree and rosemary essential oils have strong antiseptic properties. By adding these oils to the cannabidiol-rich organic hemp balm, Cannabios has created a unique combination ideal for treating bacterial or fungal skin infections. Quality Features Unique recipe with cannabinoid complex. Without preservatives, dyes, fragrances and chemicals. Declaration of origin of extracts. The industrial Hemp phytocomplex extract used for Trompetol cosmetic products is produced by CANNACURA s.r.o. The extract complies with the corresponding requirements of the European Union legislation for cosmetic raw materials. CANNACURA s.r.o. also comes from the raw material of the industrial hemp used to extract the extract. Industrial Hemp comes only from organic crops and its varieties are approved for cultivation in the European Union. Statement on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and Environmental approach CANNACURA sro guarantees that in the production of the raw materials of the product it does not use additives from genetically modified organisms. The product is not tested on animals. Exclusive Distributor Worldwide CANNACURA sro Dostihová 673, 76315 Slušovice, Czech Republic Exclusive Distributor in Greece and Cyprus Active ingredients Cannabios Cannabidiol balm with tea tree and rosemary includes the following active ingredients: Organic Olive Oil Olive oil deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin with essential fatty acids, which protect against the creation of free radicals and soothe irritations. Olive oil contains Vitamin A, D and E, relieving rheumatism or sunburn. Organic Hemp Seed Oil Organic Hemp Seed Oil has the ideal composition of omega-3 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties. Moisturizes the skin and activates cell regeneration. Natural Hemp Sativa Extract, THC Free This blend contains a high concentration of cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, the most important medical cannabinoid. Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-bacterial. Tea Tree Essential Oil Tea tree extract is effective for different types of infections, including Candida Albicans infection. It has antiseptic, anti-parasitic, bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effects. Rosemary essential oil Rosemary works in synergy with Tea Tree and Cannabidiol. The essential oil has strong bactericidal properties. Rosemary restores and renews the skin. Ingredients – Olea Europaea Fruit Oil – Glyceryl Stearate – Cannabis Sativa Fruit Oil (Cannabis Sativa) – Cannabis Sativa Leaf / THC-free Stem Extract (Cannabis Sativa Leaf) – Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree Oil Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Content: 50 ml