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BeautyPro - RETINOL 1% Anti-Ageing Overnight Serum

BeautyPro – RETINOL 1% Anti-Ageing Overnight Serum


With Olive, Passionfruit, Organic Sweet Orange Oil and Organic Almond Oil

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The BEAUTYPRO RETINOL Anti-Ageing Overnight Serum with Ocean Retinol is an overnight formula that harnesses the power of Seaweed Kelp Complex and Organic Pine Oil to improve the condition of the skin and provide essential protection, leaving your skin looking youthful and rejuvenated.

Ocean Retinol is naturally derived from seaweed and combats the signs of ageing by stimulating collagen production, diminishing fine lines, reducing pore size and evening the skin tone. This retinol night serum also conditions the skin, ensuring it feels smooth, soft and balanced. Combined together, these benefits will result in youthful looking skin that feels renewed and healthy.

Use this Retinol Serum at night for the best results.


1. Cleanse and tone the face as per your usual skincare routine
2. Pump the serum into your palm.
3. Use your finger tips to pat the serum into your skin and smooth it in an outwards motion.
4. Avoid massaging the product in and let it absorb on its own.
5. Once it has absorbed, apply a moisturiser to lock in the powerful ingredients.
6. Pair your daily serum with a weekly sheet mask for ultimate skin health.