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Canna-X Ανθοί Κάνναβης iLLEOo “Haze” Da Chronic Series 24% CBD – 2γρ.

Canna-X Ανθοί Κάνναβης iLLEOo “Haze” Da Chronic Series 24% CBD – 2γρ.


All of the Hempoil® and Canna-X™ team are very proud to present to you perhaps our most advanced, tasty, and powerful hybrids flowers cannabis CBD (Cannabidiol) to date. The name of these takes shape through our collaboration, with Talk of the town trapper (Hip Hop Artist) iLLeOo!! The Hot Drop on the cannabis scene consists of 2 unique > varieties of the “Da Chronic Series” series, iLLeOo “Haze” and iLLeOo “Fantasy”. Hemp flowers carry up to 24% CBD (Cannabidiol) content with a rich, sticky profile terpenes that will enchant you. Antho Profile: Uplifting / Creative / Energetic / Extrovert / Anti-stress / Severe dry mouth.

Canna-X Cannabis Flowers iLLEOo “Haze” Da Chronic Series.

iLLEOo “ Haze” – Da Chronic Series X Canna-X. The hottest drop on the cannabis scene has arrived from Canna-X in collaboration with Talk of the town trapper (Hip Hop Artist) iLLeOo !! 2 New strains (Varieties) 2021 harvest grown with love and part in outdoor cultivation at our facilities in Nomo Boeotia. Available for limited stock! The entire team at Hempoil® and Canna-X™ are very proud to present to you perhaps our most advanced, flavorful, and potent CBD (Cannabidiol) hemp flower hybrids to date. Here we see the cannabis flower variety iLLeOo “Haze”, from the new series Da Chronic Series with 24% content of CBD (Cannabidiol). The plant of this variety consists of very tall and thin branches with massive ends intense shades of green, purple and orange. The buds are not very dense but the intense crystalline resins in the “supers” are sure to get you >enthusiastic. The variety iLLEOo “Haze” has a sour and sweet taste with a slight Spicy aftertaste with strong citrus aromas. So the cannabis flower iLLEOo “Haze” has strong euphoric, analgesic and sedative properties, while content in cannabidiol CBD 24% will give you wellness and relaxation with a feeling euphoria in mind and body. An overall calm feeling from a limited variety of flower cannabis to accompany you on cold winter nights and cool summer evenings. We are particularly proud that we managed to keep the content below 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) during harvest. Without the use of any pesticides and to achieve a completely clean and natural result. The hybrid variety cannabis “Haze” is very helpful against stress, depression >, stress, against spastic disorders, headaches, inflammations and contributes to the increase of extroversion. In addition to its therapeutic benefits, this unique strain of cannabis cannabis with < strong>24% content in CBD cannabidiol is known to promote the positive< /strong> mood, relaxation and the burst of energy and creativity. The 2 new varieties (strains) of Canna-X X iLLeOo harvest 2021 are cultivated with love and < strong>part in outdoor cultivation at our facilities in Nomo Boeotia. They are grown under the Greek sun without pesticides, only from the meters of the species. From seed selection, to cultivation and then harvesting by hands, our team closely monitors all stages to ensure b>quality, progress, temperature, and color of cannabis flowers. Eensuring thus top quality for our customers. The hemp flowers iLLeOo “Haze” and iLLeOo “Fantasy” are accompanied by certificates of quality and stable content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) less than 0.2% with analysis by Benakio University specially harmonized with Greek/European Legislation in each of their harvests.

iLLEOo “Haze” Features:

  • The most ‘heavy’ and extroverted our strain until today
  • Greek Top Quality
  • 24% CBD (Cannabidiol) & CBDA rich in Terpenes
  • Fresh Flowers of this year’s harvest 2021
  • < span class="s1">Hybrid Variety “Haze”
  • 100% Organic Cultivation
  • Hand picked and packed
  • Trimmer trimmed and finished with hand.
  • No extra fragrances or Boosters (e.g. spray)
  • < li class="li1">Antho Profile: Uplifting / Creative / Energetic / Extroverted / Anti-Stress / Intense Dry Mouth

  • Exclusive Collaboration Canna- X and iLLeOo
  • Contents 2 grams in a high quality airtight package to guarantee the preservation of the flower fresh.
  • Pure benefits Benefits
  • Against Stress and Anxiety
  • THC: <0.2%
  • Max CBD: 24% The product should be stored in a shady and cool place and away from children. The sale is only allowed to persons 18+. The product is sold as a collector’s item.

    Vaping with vaporizer (vaporizer) that will take off this unique strain!