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CANNA-X Moon Rock Ice CBD 60% – 1gr

CANNA-X Moon Rock Ice CBD 60% – 1gr


Cannabis flowers from solid and fruity buds glazed with pollen extract and coated with 99.6% CBD crystalline hemp

Canna-X Moon Rock Ice CBD. This legendary Canna-X rock with its icy peaks said to touch the moon is the freshest thing on the cannabis scene and the newest addition to our collection of top CBD Hemp products. An exclusive Hempoil® innovation with Canna-X for those who never stop looking for the best. Moon Rock Ice CBD: Its characteristic ‘ICE’ owes it to the last stage of its production process where its solid buds are embraced by the crystalline CBD of 99.6% CBD content creating dense, snowy peaks. In its majestic appearance, lust and lust, no one will be able to resist the best cannabis flower we have ever held in our hands. Caution! After trying it, there’s no turning back! Enjoy responsibly these unique cannabis flowers in Europe that can ‘travel’ you to the moon. CBD flowers, extracts and crystals are of top Italian quality from 100% organic crops without the use of pesticides, insecticides or chemical additives. Free from heavy metals or other methods and synthetically harmful to humans. The plants from which Moon Rock Ice’s unique cannabis flowers and extracts are extracted are grown at high altitude by one of the best if not the best and oldest group of Italian growers in the EU. All Canna-X products are grown under the Italian sun and only by the meters of the species. From seed selection, cultivation and then harvesting and processing by hand, the team closely monitors all stages to ensure the quality, progress, temperature, color and even shape of cannabis flowers and extracts ensuring top quality quality for our customers. The cannabis extracts and flowers are accompanied by certificates of quality and stable tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of less than 0.2%, specially harmonized with the Greek/European Legislation at each harvest. Characteristics: Cannabis flowers from compact and fruity flowers of A’ Italian Quality <60% CBD (Cannabidiol) 100% Organic Cultivation Picked / processed / packaged by hand No extra fragrances or Boosters (eg spray) Moon Rock flower profile Ice : Uplifting / Hitter / Energetic / Soothing / Relaxing / Antidepressant / Anti-Inflammatory / Cerebral Exclusive Collaboration and culture absorption by Hempoil® Content 1 gram in high quality airtight packaging with security tape to guarantee the preservation of fresh, safe and unaltered contents. Pure beneficial benefits against anxiety, nausea, chronic pain, insomnia. Rating 9.9/10 The product should be stored in a shady and cool place and away from children. The sale is only allowed to persons 18+.