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Canna-X Τρίμμα Ανθών Κάνναβης Green Unicorn 32% CBD (Fine Grated) – 15γρ.

Canna-X Τρίμμα Ανθών Κάνναβης Green Unicorn 32% CBD (Fine Grated) – 15γρ.


Green Unicorn! The Greek-Italian Canna-X presents you the new premium cannabis flower grind from the new Greek Series with 32% content of CBD and in a package of 15 grams! CBD (Cannabidiol) hemp flowers are grown under the Greek sun at our facilities in the prefecture of Boeotia! Even the most beginner will understand the excellent quality and purity of our hemp flower dust from the very first glance.

  • Grind from regular flowers (not Industrial Hemp)
  • Excellent quality
  • Greek Cultivation
  • Grind suitable for mixing or pure
  • 15 grams
  • Everyday enjoyment on a budget

Canna-X Green Unicorn Grated Cannabis Flowers 32% CBD (Fine Grated) – 15g

Green Unicorn Grated Cannabis Flowers (fine grated) with 32% CBD from Canna-X in a 15 gram package for endless enjoyment. 2021 harvest cannabis variety grown with love and part in outdoor cultivation at our facilities in Nomo Boeotia. All of the Hempoil® and Canna-X™ team are very proud to present to you perhaps the most advanced, Greek, tasty, and strong our varieties flower cannabis CBD (Cannabidiol) to date. Here we see the cannabis flower variety Green Unicorn in grind (finely ground) from flowers real CBD flowers< /span>, with 32% CBD (Cannabidiol) content. The Green Unicorn CBD Flower Grit comes pre-grinded and sifted with care. So it is the most suitable cannabis product for heavy stoners who consume a lot of CBD. It can be used in a mix with other cannabis flowers in twisting, vaping or even cooking recipes like cookies! Alone or as a complementary bloom the trimma will give you the relaxation and euphoria you need in a more affordable option for everyday enjoyment on a budget! The brain effects of Green Unicorn tend to be immediately noticeable strong> (especially in a vaporizer) and include a large dose of relaxation, allowing users to erase all negativity and just enjoy their evening. Most people report that physical sedation comes hand in hand with sleepiness, but not in a way that overpowers you. One is sure, or bitter full sour lemon flavor of this unique ‘green unicorn’ will open you strong> the appetite for snacks, but also for conversation.. until you sleep! A absolutely clean grind, from cannabis flower variety(not industrial) grown, harvested and then chopped by our team. Who closely monitors the whole process to ensure and guarantee the purest, without any chemicals, pesticides or cannabis flower additions in Greece. Our trees grow at altitude in the prefecture of Boeotia in pure, organic soils and under the Greek sun. The entire process is supervised by the Canna-X team at all stages of cultivation from planting the seeds, caring, picking the flowers by hand. And then in physical drying and trimming with our new trimmers from Masters! A unique stem cannabis with a very rich profile of aroma and flavors that you can tell from opening the package. It has intense euphoric, analgesic and soothing properties, while the content in < strong>cannabidiol CBD 32% will give you well-being and relaxation in mind and spirit. Highly recommend a value for money 15 gram package for non-stop rolling!

Green Unicorn Variety Characteristics:

  • Strong, uplifting and flavorful strain
  • Strain from normal flowers (not Industrial hemp)
  • Greek Top Quality< /li>
  • 32% CBD (Cannabidiol) & CBDA rich in Terpenes
  • Fresh Flowers of this year’s harvest 2021
  • < span class="s1">Hybrid Variety “Green Unicorn”
  • 100% Organic Farming
  • Hand Picked Packed
  • Trimmed on a trimmer (Finely trimmed)
  • Without extra fragrances or Boosters (e.g. spray)
  • Antho Profile: Uplifting / Powerful / Heavy / Relaxing / Creative / Anti-Stress
  • Exclusive Collaboration Canna-X and Hempoil®
  • Content in 15g. in high quality airtight packaging to guarantee the freshness of the flower extract.
  • Pure beneficial Cannabidiol Benefits
  • THC: <0.2%
  • Max CBD: 32%

Store the product in a shady and cool place and away from children .

Sale is only allowed to persons 18+