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CBNight FORMULA PLUS - 30 ml


CBNight FORMULA PLUS – 30 ml


With CBNight formula plus, insomnia and constant waking during the night can become a distant memory.

The new formula, designed for improving the quality of life for those who experience insomnia and intermittent sleep as a disabling condition, contains CBD (cannabidiol), CBN (cannabinol) as well as melatonin.

It is a blend designed to support induction and maintenance of sleep, utilizing a high proportion of non-psychotropic cannabinoids that act synergistically with melatonin on pre-existing physiological processes.

The effect of CBD and CBN working together is enhanced by the high percentage of cannabinoids in this formula, which is further complemented by melatonin, also known as the “sleep hormone” due to its regulatory function.

CBNight formula plus can be very helpful for those who suffer from chronic insomnia and nocturnal panic attacks with frequent awakenings and agitations. It can significantly improve the sleep-wake cycle and can also be used at the same time, for example to avoid the effects of jet lag after a long journey.

CBNight formula plus is a safe and effective dietary supplement made exclusively from Italian organic hemp.

Our products are certified:

(as well as according to GACP guidelines, which guarantee a safe raw material)


CBNight formula plus is ideal for the treatment of severe sleep disorders. The balanced proportions of CBD and CBN ensure a relaxing effect, which in combined with the melatonin in this mixture, it naturally restores the sleep-wake cycle.

CBNight formula plus:

; Effectively treats chronic insomnia

; Prevents the effects of jet lag or traumatic events that disrupt the sleep-wake cycle

; Reduces the time it takes to induce sleep

; Helps prevent night awakenings

; Reduces stress, which is the basis of insomnia

· Reduces stress when you wake up

· Synchronizes the circadian rhythm

CBNight should not be used during of pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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Our CBNight contains (per 1 ml) 0.3 mg of melatonin, 8.33 mg of CBN and the same amount of CBD. Compared to the light type, this oil has a higher concentration of cannabinoids.

As a result, in addition to promoting and maintaining sleep, CBNight strong is characterized by analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBN and can help relieve anxiety.

CBN is characterized by antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, which it shares with melatonin and CBD. Finally, the presence of CBD makes CBNight a valuable ally against chronic pain.

How to get it

For CBNight formula plus, the preferred method of administration is sublingual.

Oil drops are therefore applied under the tongue, where they are absorbed directly into the blood vessels.

Using this method avoids passage through the liver, so they would have first listed in the liver. This would lead to the loss of a significant amount of the active ingredient, between 20 and 60%. An additional advantage of sublingual intake is the faster onset of effect. Shake well before taking.

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While dosage is a subjective them a with CBD oil, with powerful CBNight, precision is of the utmost importance.

The recommended dose is 1 ml per day and should never be exceeded. Ideally, it should be taken half an hour before going to bed. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the intake of CBNight should always be suspended. If you are taking other medications, we recommend that you consult your doctor first before using the product. Finally, make sure the product is always out of the reach of small children and preferably stored in a dry place, away from light sources.

CBNight should not replace a healthy, balanced diet.< /p> < /div>