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Enecta Cc500 CBD Κρύσταλλοι – 500mg

Enecta Cc500 CBD Κρύσταλλοι – 500mg


Premium CBD Hemp Crystals The Cc500 product is cannabidiol in its purest form concentrated into crystals. CBD oils are extracted from the Sativa L strain and reach over 99% purity.

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Contains: 0.5 gram (500mg) 99% CBD & 1% Hemp Terpenes Pure CBD molecules extracted from hemp can be isolated and used in pure extract form. The reason people choose Cc500 crystals is the absolute purity of the product and their beneficial effect on our body and mind. There are many interesting ways to use CBD crystals. You can see them in detail by clicking here. A small amount of natural hemp terpenes are used to give Cc500s that distinctive cannabis flavor. Also suitable for use with a Vaporizer.