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Ertha CBD Herbal Infusion Αφέψημα Τσάι Κάνναβης – 20τεμ.

Ertha CBD Herbal Infusion Αφέψημα Τσάι Κάνναβης – 20τεμ.


Ertha selects certified organic herbs of Greek cultivation from Xirolimni Kozani. The location is at an altitude of 700 meters with ideal soil and climate conditions. Contains 20 grams (20 sachets)

Ertha CBD Herbal Infusion Cannabis Decoction.

For thousands of years man has been using herbs for treatment, relief,< span class=”Apple-converted-space”> stimulation, nourishment, and other purposes.

The Ertha cbd selects fine flowers and seeds of industrial hemp cultivated in Greece. It is a certified organic cultivation of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, of the variety registered in the Community Catalog of French origin Futura75.

The flowers of organic Futura 75 hemp are harvested by hand in Kokkina Magnesia, a location with an excellent microclimate for growing cannabis. It is located between two hills with continuous air flow and high percentages of sunshine, with ideal temperature changes between day and night. After collection, the cannabis inflorescences are naturally dried to preserve all their characteristics and beneficial properties.

The decoction of hemp flowers and seeds is of particularly high nutritional value, rich in CBD cannabidiol, terpenes, cannabinoids, Ω3/Ω6 fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and high quality protein.