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Ertha Detoc Cold Brew

Ertha Detoc Cold Brew


Detox: Unique flavor profile created by combining the intensity and characteristics of lavender and saffron!

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Taste: Unique flavor profile created through the combination of the intensity and characteristics of lavender and saffron! How do I benefit from consuming it? Some days all you need is a proper dose of antioxidants. Preferably, in a tasty drink that can quench your thirst. You see what we mean, right? Detox Cold Brew supports the liver, kidneys and digestive system to work efficiently to remove toxins that accumulate internally. You can include it in your daily life and replace plain water. Treat yourself the healthy, natural way, thanks to our Detox Cold Brew and the beneficial properties of its organic ingredients, all produced in Greece! No caffeine, additives, sugars, gluten Serving instructions: Add one sachet to 250 ml table/mineral or carbonated cold water. Stir periodically without pressing the sachet against the walls of the glass. Leave for 5 minutes and add ice. If you want a stronger taste, it is recommended to leave the herbs in the glass because this way the extraction process continues and for this reason there is no string. Packaging information: All materials are recyclable and environmentally friendly 20 sachets x 1g/net weight 20g