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Ertha Performance Cold Brew


Ertha Performance Cold Brew


Performance – Cold Brew Tea with beetroot, calendula, basil, mandarin peel, cinnamon

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Taste: Intense color and body derived from the beets, with a main flavor profile characterized by the earthy flavors and spicy character of Ceylon cinnamon. How do I benefit from consuming it? That Monday morning, when you feel like the week should start differently. The run up to those crucial exams or any other time you want to give that 100% that your day demands. It can replace your daily morning coffee, providing the body with energy and cognitive alertness, supporting the body to better adapt to daily challenges and sports activities. A cold drink based on Greek, certified organic herbs, fruits, vegetables and spices to energize yourself. It’s what you really need – and thanks to it, it’s what you really get! Without caffeine, additives, sugar, gluten   Serving instructions: Add one sachet to 250 ml table/mineral or carbonated cold water. Stir periodically without pressing the sachet against the walls of the glass. Leave for 5 minutes and add ice. If you want a stronger taste, it is recommended to leave the herbs in the glass because this way the extraction process continues and for this reason there is no string.   Packaging information: All materials are recyclable and environmentally friendly 20 sachets x 1g/Net weight 20g