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HempWash Sensitive Care CBD Σαμπουάν – Αφρόλουτρο & Ευαίσθητη Περιοχή 2 σε 1 (Teatree+YlangYlang) – 250ml

HempWash Sensitive Care CBD Σαμπουάν – Αφρόλουτρο & Ευαίσθητη Περιοχή 2 σε 1 (Teatree+YlangYlang) – 250ml


The Cannabios Hempwash is perfect for your travels< /span>, thanks to its versatility now, you will only need one product!

HempWash Sensitive Care CBD – Teatree+YlangYlan. Suitable for the daily care of sensitive skin. Thanks to its balanced pH this versatile gel cleansing gel with hemp oil gently interacts with the skin, leaving a pleasant feeling. Multipurpose product for daily cleansing of the whole body

The HempWash Sensitive Care not a conventional gel cleaning. Can be used as:

  • Shower foam
  • Product for the sensitive area
  • < li class="li3">Cleaning product for children

  • Gel bath
  • Gel to remove make-up
  • Gel cleaning
  • Shampoo
  • Shaving gel Shaving gel

Thanks to the high quality organic materials used for the preparation of, the Cannabios Hempwash consisted of an equiv rich combination of precious ingredients. Contains gentle natural surfactants that do not irritate the skin as much as those used in common commercial cleaners. The Cannabios Hempwash contributes to skin renewal, of the scalp and face. Its high content of natural organic oils (>8%) deeply nourishes the skin and hair, while acting as a conditioner.

The Cannabios Hempwash is ideal for your travels, thanks to its versatility now< /span>, you will need only one product.

Using Cannabios Hempwash as a shampoo :

If you wish to use the Cannabios Hempwash Sensitive Care as shampoo, it is very important to wet the scalp and hair very well before use. During the first application hardly any foam may be observed, as the gentle active ingredients and the natural surfactants it contains create a small amount compared to those contained in industrial shampoos, which are however possible to cause irritation. Gently massage into scalp and hair and then rinse with plenty of water. Because Cannabios Hempwash contains natural oils in a concentration greater than 8%, has the ability to nourish the scalp and hair, therefore it also works partly as a conditioner.

The product does not contain alcohol, synthetic colors, fragrances, < span class="s2">preservatives, sulfates, PEG, chemicals and other allergens. Does not contain ingredients of organic mineral origin.