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Kannabio Ανθόνερο Κάνναβης – 100ml

Kannabio Ανθόνερο Κάνναβης – 100ml


100ml Hemp Flower Water From Organic Hemp of Greek production

Concentrated Cannabis Flower Water CANNABIO is a 100% natural product of Greek production from selected organic Cannabis Sativa L flowers, variety Futura 75. Flower Water is a water-based oily solution produced as a by-product of the steam-distillation of the cannabis flower. Hydrosols contain all the aromatic compounds (terpenes) of the plant. Properties: Relaxing, anti-inflammatory, soothing, tonic, detoxifying. It has a positive effect in cases such as psoriasis, mycosis, as well as inflammation of the digestive system. Use: Dilute 4-8 parts water. Spray your hair for growth and shine. Clean your face. Invigorate and hydrate your face Create your own room fragrance Use for massage