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Terre Di Cannabis Diva – 2gr

Terre Di Cannabis Diva – 2gr


The aroma of the Diva variety is very strong, long-lasting, while leaving an aftertaste of fresh citrus, raising the pleasure to other levels. With 22% CBD, this strain creates high quality flowers with a host of beneficial properties!

Terre Di Cannabis Diva variety, this variety is a variant of the famous Amnesia variety, with genetics that have mainly sativa characteristics, while it is known worldwide for its strong aroma and invigorating effect. This is a variety that first appeared in the USA, but is the result of crossing strains from Afghanistan, Hawaii and Jamaica. Origin The Diva-Amnesia variety is a project of many years of research and experimentation. Cultivated in the lands of Abruzzo, specifically in the hills of Tocco di Casauria, at the foot of Mount Morrone, at an altitude of 356m. The cultivation follows organic standards and is certified. The climate is suitable for the development of this crop, as it has hot summers with wind and cold but not freezing winters, conditions that favor the crop, giving generous harvests. Like all Terre di Cannabis flowers, they come from crops without pesticides and herbicides, but with natural compost. The company Terre di Cannabis stands out for its integrated production line, since it manages the entire process from sowing to packaging, respecting the environment, its staff and its consumers, providing flowers of high quality. Taste and appearance The flowers of this CBD variety are large, juicy and particularly sticky thanks to the countless hairs on the flower. It has shades of dark green ending in yellow-gold hairs. The aroma is very strong, long-lasting, while leaving an aftertaste of fresh citrus, raising the pleasure to other levels. Vaporizer All Terre di Cannabis strains are grown organically and with natural fertilizers to produce high quality flowers. Thus, they are also suitable for a portable or desktop vaporizer. For best results, the atomizer should be set to 160° to 180°, as this is the appropriate temperature to have the beneficial properties of cannabidiol (CBD). If the atomizer is set to 176°, then terpinolene emerges, one of the terpenes that gives this natural aroma to the flower. Properties With 22% cannabidiol or CBD, this strain produces high quality flowers with a host of beneficial properties. As it has high percentages of cbd, it directly affects the endocannabinoid system, offering well-being and relaxation. It stimulates serotonin, melatonin and also the appetite, while relaxing the tension in the muscles. Ideal variety for chronic pain, rheumatism, migraine and period pain. On the other hand, terpinolene stands out for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Like all Terre di Cannabis strains, Diva – Amnesia is legal cannabis, with no psychostimulant activity. 100% legal The flowers of the Diva-Amnesia variety, like all the other flowers of Terre di Cannabis, have no psychostimulant effect and are cultivated according to the instructions of law 242/16, in Italy. The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content is less than 0.2%, as required by law. This is a 100% legal product throughout Europe. No sale to minors under 18 years of age.