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Terre Volare Ανθοί Κάνναβης – 2gr

Terre Volare Ανθοί Κάνναβης – 2gr


The brand new Terre Di Cannabis Volare cannabis flower variety is here! One of the best CBD flower strains from our Italian friends! 100% organic cannabidiol from Cannabis Sativa L. Top quality cannabis that will blow your mind! CBD: 18% THC: <0.2%

Volare Terre Di Cannabis – Transport yourself to the “painted blue” by trying this 100% Italian CBD Hemp Inflorescence. The superiority of the completely organic Volare inflorescence, “grown” without the use of heavy metals and herbicides with an organic process for high quality cannabis flowers. It is certified by the BIO and Made in Italy bodies. The special shape of Volare cannabis flowers is reminiscent of elegant clouds, compact, yet soft to the touch and gentle to the eye. Its dark green color not only evokes the awe of the Italian sea, but its high CBD (cannabidiol) content is immediately visible from its rich viscous resin. A light cannabis flower that mirrors the classic Haze variety, for an unparalleled musical experience. you will find yourself traveling serenely through his thoughts!