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Trompetol Hemp Salve Extra & Tea Tree – 100ml

Trompetol Hemp Salve Extra & Tea Tree – 100ml


Extremely effective ointment with an increased content of natural hemp extracts, enhanced with tea tree oil. • Content: 100ml • Cannabinoid complex + • 100% Organic, non-tested on animals

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In Trompetol Extra ointment & Tea Tree, there is Tea Tree essential oil (tea oil), with very strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Therefore, this ointment is ideal for the treatment of skin infections, such as acne, eczema, herpes, etc. The ointment is suitable for soothing and calming the skin, in cases of skin diseases, for the treatment and regeneration of irritated, damaged and dry skin. It is very effective for cases of severe psoriasis. It also has a soothing effect on insect bites. Revitalizes and soothes irritated skin. Use : 1 – 2 or more times (if necessary) a day. Apply to desired area of skin. Rub it lightly, with a gentle massage and leave it as long as possible to be absorbed. The use of Trompetol Extra ointment & Tea Tree can be used on most parts of the body. Due to the plant origin of the active substances, it is possible in very exceptional cases that an allergic reaction may occur, mainly in hypersensitive individuals. It is recommended to do a minipatch test by applying the cream to the inner elbow on the wrist for 24 hours and observing for any reactions.