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Organic Pumpkin Protein


Organic Pumpkin Protein

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“Organic” Pumpkin Seed Plant Protein is made from Austrian pumpkin, recognized worldwide as the best for its quality. With a 60% protein content, it is cold-pressed, according to the company’s most innovative methods: from the processing of pumpkin seed oil, we collect and grind the “pressed cake”, creating the highly nutritious protein powder. Pumpkin Protein has become scientifically popular for its beneficial properties, thanks to its rich content of Omega-3 fats, Vitamin E, plant antioxidants and valuable minerals such as zinc, iron and magnesium. With high levels of amino acids, which facilitate the muscle building process, and many benefits for general health and well-being, “Biologus” Pumpkin Protein is an excellent food and also an ideal choice for vegans.

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