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Weed Queen | CBD Big Bud Gorilla – 5gr.

Weed Queen | CBD Big Bud Gorilla – 5gr.


Big Bud Gorilla. The most Value for Money selection in Greek cannabis flower ratio comes from the Queen of Cannabis! Greek indoor cannabis flowers from Weed Queen of the Big Bud Gorilla variety with CBD Cannabidiol content up to <68%. Package content 5 grams. The next time you’re having a rough day and want your world numb, the Big Bud Gorilla variety of Weed Queen is the strain to do it!

Weed Queen Cannabis Flowers CBD Big Bud Gorilla – 5g.

The most Value for Money selection of cannabis flowers comes from Queen of Cannabis ! The cannabis flowers of Weed Queen Big Bud Gorilla are organically grown in Greece without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. The round buds of the Big Bud Gorilla variety have a dusty brown tone and have tones of dark resin accompanied by a dense feel. > Big Bud Gorilla offers notes of leather, earth, diesel and spice and a very slight mango feel in aroma and in its taste offering a luxury experience.

A real strain strong> for stoners, Gorilla builds slowly and induces a feeling of euphoria that lasts for hours! Prepare for a very powerful experience, your mind and body will relax and when the influences of the variety will prevail fully, your thoughts may not be so clear anymore. The most important part of your experience will be the intense feeling you will have to relax into the >couch, so suggest keeping food and water within arm’s reach! The next time you have a difficult day and want to relax body and spirit, the Big Bud Gorilla variety of Weed Queen is the strain to do it! Big Bud Gorilla tends to be one of the most popular choices when it comes to medical conditions< /strong>, as its power overcomes all types of problems with ease with insomnia< /strong> is usually at the top of the list. Your euphoric state will not allow negative thoughts related to stress or depression leaving room for extra relaxation .

Highly recommend a value for money package of 5 grams that brings Weedflowers Queen at the lowest price per gram / quality of cannabis flowers in Greece. The use of a vaporizer will take off this unique variety.

The cannabis flowers are very rich in cannabidiol with a max content of 68% CBD strong> and can act sedating and calming in numerous cases such as: depression, nausea , the migraines, the anxiety, the chronic pains, the stomach disorders, the digestion, on insomnia, on memory and more.

Features Weed Queen Big Bud Gorilla 5g:

  • Max <68% CBD content (Cannabidiol)
  • Flowers without seeds
  • Terpenes
  • Organic Product of Greek Culture
  • Legal Content in tetrahydrocannabinol THC (0.2%)
  • Package 5 grams
  • European Union certified product
  • 100% organic product
  • Keep away from children in a cool and shady place .
  • Product suitable for people 18+